When will I get the replacement car ?

If your rental is approved by your insurer and Asset Rentals, you can receive a replacement when your vehicle is being given to your smash repair shop or if it is not driveable, you can have it delivered to you straight away. Usually approval can be given quickly once we are given the required information, however in some cases approval can take longer.

What car will I get ?

Asset Rentals always try to save hire costs for the insurance industry, so we try and provide small cars when we can. However, we have a full range of vehicles and can provide like for like if needed.

How long can I have the car ?

  • If your vehicle is repairable, in most cases you can keep our vehicle for the duration of the repair. We monitor the repairs and ensure the repairer is as efficient as possible.
  • If your vehicle is a total loss  you need to discus this with the insurer but generally you may keep the replacement vehicle until your settlement cheque has been received or 20 days whichever comes first. In some circumstances we will extend the hire car period with approval.
  • If your vehicle is a total loss and you are claiming settlement from your own insurance company, you may keep the vehicle until you have received your settlement cheque or for 10 working days, whichever comes first.

Is the Car Insured ?

Yes, the replacement vehicle will be fully insured. The standard insurance excess of $750 on all vehicles except commercial and prestige class. The commercial insurance excess is $1250. The excess is payable if you are involved in an accident or you damage our vehicle in some other way. The excess may be refunded to you if the accident is not your fault and Asset Rentals can recover the full damage costs from the other party. There are no excess reduction fees to be paid.

Where can I drive the car ?

There are no kilometer restrictions in Asset Rentals Rental vehicles, just like in your own car.  The car cannot be driven in or on the following areas, a breach of these voids the rental insurance and you will be liable for the full cost of damages.

  • Off road or 4WD tracks
  • Race tracks
  • Flood Plains
  • Beaches
  • Above the snow line

Who can drive the car ?

Anybody can drive the replacement vehicle at no extra cost as long as they meet the age and driving licence requirements, just like your own car! It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure any other drivers meet the age and licence restrictions.

Do I need a credit card ?

A $100 refundable bond is taken before hire from a Debit/Credit card or Bank Transfer.

What if I’m having extra repairs on my car ?

If you are having further repairs on your vehicle then please let us know immediately. We can only bill for the hire days for the repairs that are a result of the accident. If we find this out at a later date we will have to charge you for extra days.