Relocation Rentals

Relocation Rentals

$1 per day rental
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One Dollar per day


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3-5 days to arrive. Fuel to be supplied by renter 


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Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service


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Unlimited kilometers


Low Damage Excess


No Hidden Extras



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How does It Work ?

How does It Work ?


Here is some general information to help understand what Credit hire is:

If you are the innocent party, Asset Rentals will be paid the replacement vehicle charges by the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident. There will be no cost to you providing you meet your simple obligations. All invoices for rentals are the renters responsibility


Your obligations –  In most cases insurance companies co-operate with us and we will have no problem with the payment of your vehicle hire bill. However, occasionally some insurers will want to make life as difficult as possible for you and us. Accordingly, to allow us to recover your costs, you must co-operate with Asset Rentals if asked to do so. On some occasions, this may include providing us with current registration documents of your damaged car, us issuing legal proceedings in your name against the at-fault party. You will need to provide evidence in support of your need for a hire car and how long you had it for. The final invoice total for the rental and any short fall is solely the renters responsibility.

If you are at fault in the accident and have replacement vehicle cover in your insurance policy we can usually recover all of the costs from your insurance company on your behalf. We will need a copy of your insurance policy showing you have the option on your policy.

If you are at fault in the accident and do NOT have replacement vehicle cover in your policy you can rent a car from us at our competitive rates.

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"They went the extra step to make sure we were happy" David , Brighton VIC

"The process was very easy and the car was ready at the repairer" Jodie, Parramatta NSW

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